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Top 4 Tech products of 2016

Fast development of the technology brought us numerous useful and valuable products that are now an essential part of our everyday life. When we look at the past, in the last thirty years development was faster, and now we have things we couldn’t even dream of before. Who would’ve thought that there could be so much tech toys and gadgets that will make your life easier and entertain you? The fact that you can experience virtual reality now is overwhelming, and the best thing of all is that this will be a completely ordinary thing in a few years to come. Some of the following products are or will be the biggest discoveries of this century.

1. Oculus Rift

oculus-rift1Oculus Rift, now owned by Facebook made virtual reality possible, this is probably the reason why Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy the whole company for two billion dollars. In the end, it turned out to be a great business decision. This virtual reality headset is already ready for sale, but you need to know that in order to have complete and outstanding virtual reality experience you have to pair the headset with the compatible heavy duty PC. Even the first prototypes surprised the public and today they are available to every person out there, true; its price might be a little too high, but it is worth it.

2. Next Apple Watch


Apple Watches quickly became the most popular tech gadget for today’s teenagers, and adults, straps of different color and texture allow you to choose just the one suitable for you. Next Apple Watch will probably have a built-in camera, and it will allow video calls, aside from that it will probably have more band sensors. Bands with sensors will have different purposes such as monitoring blood pressure or temperature of your body.

3. Microsoft Surface Hub


White school boards are already an ancient thing, and there are whispers that Microsoft Surface Hub will be the new school board in the years to come. This Multiple-touch Display will be perfect for offices, it will allow conference calls, it will have a built-in keyboard and much more different features. Surface Hub comes in two sizes 55 and 84-inch models. Even though the thought of something like this changes the whole concept of office meetings or school classes, Microsoft Surface Hub is a very expensive gadget, for now, and smaller model price’s about ten thousand dollars while bigger sized model will cost you almost double the price.

4. Apple iPhone 7

iphone7And last but not the least important Apple iPhone 7, even though there are different rumors and impressions when it comes to this phone, millions of people already swapped their iPhone 6 for the newest version, and in spite of all the negative comments it has multiple features that will amaze everyone. New camera system is just one of them, performance and battery life of an iPhone has never been better and longer, and the display is by far the brightest and the most colorful.


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